• Remember to stay focused on the goals of the Inception phase. If a vision has already been established, try to determine if it can be achieved with the time and resources provided. If a Vision Statement has not been developed, help your customer create one.

  • Try to avoid fixing price, duration, and functionality for the entire project during the Inception phase.

  • Communicate the vision to your team, and obtain their commitment toward achieving the vision.

  • Familiarize the team with the customer's businessnot just in terms of requirements, but in their day-to-day professional lives as they relate to the project.

  • For medium to larger projects, establish a project Web site. The more dispersed the stakeholders (including the project team) are, the more they will benefit from a project Web site.

  • Decide how to customize the RUP process for your project. Identify the artifacts from the RUP your organization will use. It is not necessary to adopt every artifact suggested by the RUP. In addition, your organization may have other ideas for artifacts that should be adopted on the project.

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