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object-oriented programming: from problem solving to java
Object-Oriented Programming: From Problem Solving to Java
by Jose M. Garrido ISBN:1584502878
Charles River Media 2003

This thorough text teaches the fundamental principles of object-oriented programming using Java. The author uses pseudo-code to describe each problem's solution, and then asks readers to implement the solution using actual Java code.

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Table of Contents
Object-Oriented Programming—From Problem Solving to Java
Chapter 1 - Computer Systems
Chapter 2 - Program Development
Chapter 3 - Objects and Classes
Chapter 4 - Object-Oriented Programs
Chapter 5 - Objects and Methods
Chapter 6 - Data and Algorithms
Chapter 7 - Selection
Chapter 8 - Repetition
Chapter 9 - Arrays
Chapter 10 - Strings
Chapter 11 - Basic Object-Oriented Modeling
Chapter 12 - Inheritance
Chapter 13 - Abstract Classes, Interfaces, and Polymorphism
Chapter 14 - Basic Graphical User Interfaces
Chapter 15 - Exceptions and I/O
Chapter 16 - Recursion
Chapter 17 - Threads
Appendix A
Appendix B
List of Figures
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