A Wizard of Words

OpenOffice.org comes with a number of templates that are available throughout the suite. The document Wizards feature helps you choose and walk through the setup of some basic documents. The easiest way to understand what these Wizards can do for you is to dive right in and try one.

On the menu bar, click File, and move your mouse over to Wizards. You'll see a number of document types here, from letters to faxes to presentations. We'll use Letter as an example. When the Letter Wizard starts up (Figure 13-10), it will offer you three kinds of letters: business, formal personal, and personal. Each of these may have different styles. As you progress through the various steps, you'll be asked to enter some basic information related to the type of document you chose. In the case of a letter, this would involve an opening and a closing greeting, a sender and recipient name and address, and so on. The Wizard also lets you save the document as a template so that you can use it at a later date.

Figure 13-10. Writing using the Letter Wizard.

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