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We've come a long way from the yellow sticky notes on your desktop to the modern, connected organizers of today. Or have we?

One of the really cool applications under the KDE desktop is Knotes (program name knotes). This program lets you write electronic versions of those little yellow notes, which you can then scatter across your desktop, where they vie for your attention. Knotes docks nicely into your icon tray and remembers past notes and your changes. There's more than a paper replacement here, though. You can e-mail these notes, print them, or change the color. You can also view these notes in a more compact manner by clicking on the Notes icon in your Kontact sidebar.

Furthermore, both Kontact and Evolution let you synchronize with your Palm PDA.

Another program worth your time is KArm (program name karm). This is a small-event timer. Let's say you are on the phone with a customer and want to track how long the call takes. Use KArm to start a new task, and then click the Start clock button. A timer will start keeping track of how long you spend on that call. KArm also lets you create subtasks, pause timing, resume (so you can track multiple events through the course of a day), and, if necessary, print the results.

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