UA, see User agent

UDDI, see Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration

UDP, see User Datagram Protocol

UEP, see Unequal Error Protection

UI channel, see User isochronous channel

UMP, see User mobility patterns

UMTS, see Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

Unequal Error Protection (UEP), 107, 109, 114

Uniform paging, 363

Uniform Resource Locator, 459

U-NII, see Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure

Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI), 26

Universally unique identifiers (UUIDs), 328

Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), 13,78, 505

advantages of, 538–539

devices, music downloaded onto, 539

-enabled devices, listening to karaoke clips on, 538

mobile video telephony enabled by, 493

network(s), 22

classes defined for, 90, 91

GPRS Tunneling Protocol in, 208

QoS profile for, 92–93

radio link control, 552


model, 552

WNTT values obtained through, 555

Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN), 85

peculiarity of, 91

QoS profile attributes, 91

specifications, 89

Universal Personal Telecommunication (UPT), 204

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), 395, 397

Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure (U-NII), 449

Unwired Planet, 20


buffering required in base station for, 287

efficiency, 343

UPnP, see Universal Plug and Play

UPT, see Universal Personal Telecommunication

Usage profiles, cordless telephony, 331

US channel, see User synchronous channel User(s)

agent (UA), 205, 488

client, 489

servers, 490

SIP, 488

application, frozen, 207

asynchronous (UA) channel, 320

characteristics, diversity of, 41

connections, establishment of for rerouting, 284

geography of, 40

history, reliance on, 257

isochronous (UI) channel, 320


patterns (UMP), 259

well-behaved, 420

predicting location of mobile wireless, 245

profile management, 48

synchronous (US) channel, 320

User Datagram Protocol (UDP), 65, 110, 387

User mobility in IP networks, 197–225

personal mobility, 220–222

heterogeneity, 220

integrated presence, 221–222

mobile agents, 221

terminal mobility, 208–220

enhancements to support conversational multimedia, 215–220

higher-layer mobility management, 214

mobile IP enhancements, 208–214

user mobility, 199–207

personal mobility, 203–207

terminal mobility, 199–203

UTRAN, see Universal Mobile Telecommunications System Terrestrial Radio Access Network

UUIDs, see Universally unique identifiers

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