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34. Find Items with the Same Marker

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27 Attach a Marker to an Item

33 About Finding Items in the Catalog

The payoff of using tags or collection markers to help catalog your digital photos and other media files is that they can help you can find specific items quickly and easily. There are several different methods you can use to tell the Organizer which tag or collection markers are attached to the items you're looking for. After the Organizer knows the markers you're interested in, it searches the catalog for items that have those markers attached and displays them in the photo well.

When selecting a marker to use in searching for a particular set of media files, keep in mind that if you select a category, subcategory, group, or subgroup marker, you automatically include all the tag or collection markers within that category/group or subcategory/subgroup as well. Although these extra markers won't appear on the Find bar, they are included by implication. For example, if you place the Events tag on the Find bar, items tagged with the Events category tag plus any items tagged with a specific Events tag such as Family Reunion or Fourth of July will also appear in the photo well.

Another thing you need to keep in mind when making your selection for a search is that you cannot combine tags and collection markers in a single search. In addition, you can specify only one collection marker to use in a search at a time.


You'll have to display the Organize Bin to complete this task. If it's not currently showing, select Window, Organize Bin from the menu or click the Organize Bin button on the Status bar to display it.

After displaying the items in a single collection, you can reorder the items by dragging them within the collection. Items in a collection, when displayed as a group, appear with a number icon denoting their position within that group. By dragging an item to a different place within the collection group, you change that item's number icon and its position within the group.

You can display closely matching or non-matching items by choosing those options on the Find bar. For example, to display items that use any one of the tags but not all of them, select the XX Close check box in the Find bar.


Drag the Marker to the Find Bar

One method for displaying specific items is to drag the applicable tags or collection markers to the Find bar. In the Organizer, on the Organize Bin, click either the Tags or Collections tab. Then open the applicable category/group and subcategory/subgroup to locate the marker associated with the items you want to locate. Click the right-arrow beside a category/group name to open it. For example, if you want to search for photos, movies, or creations containing a certain person, or audio files of a particular person's voice, click the right arrow in front of the People category to display its tags.

Click and hold the marker representing the items you want to search for. Drag this marker to the Find bar and drop it. In a moment, the Find bar displays the marker next to the words Search Criteria.


Or Click the Marker to Search For

Another method for displaying marked items is to select particular markers from the list in the Organize Bin. In the Organize Bin, first click either the Tags or Collections tab to display those markers. Then click the small box to the left of the marker you want your items to match, or double-click the marker itself. A binoculars icon appears in the box, and the marker appears in the Find bar.


Add More Search Criteria


To quickly display items that do not yet have any markers associated with them, select Find, Untagged Items.

To exclude items with a particular a tag from an existing search, right-click that tag in the Organize Bin and select Exclude photos with XX tag from search results from the context menu.

At this point, only items with the selected marker appear in the photo well. To search for items that have multiple tags, simply click the box in front of additional tags in the Organize Bin to add those tags to the search criteria, or drag more tags from the Organize Bin to the Find bar. Only items that match all the tags are shown in the photo well.

You cannot search for items with multiple collection markers, or a combination of tag markers and a collection marker. Attempting to do either of these things resets the search criteria. To redisplay all items, click the Back to All Photos button on the Find bar.

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