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35. Find Items of the Same Media Type

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33 About Finding Items in the Catalog

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32 Add an Audio Caption

The three types of files you can import into the photo well are digital, scanned, or created images (of course), video files, and audio files. There are several file formats for each type, which Windows distinguishes from one another using a filename extension such as .JPG or .JPEG for images using the Joint Photographic Experts Group format or .WAV for audio files using WAVE format.

The Organizer is not concerned with file formats, howeveronly the types of media the files contain: photos, audio, or video. In this task, you learn how to display items in the catalog based on their media typeaudio files for example. If you want to locate items by file type (such as JPG, GIF, or TIFF), search for that part of their filename (for example, search for items with JPG or JPEG as part of their filename as explained in 36 Find Items with Similar Filenames).


By default, the photo well does not show thumbnails representing audio files, although they can be imported into the catalog. To show audio tracks as blue speaker icons along with all your other image and movie thumbnails, select View, Media Types; from the dialog box that opens, enable the Audio check box and click OK.

The Organizer also includes in its catalog items you create using the program, such as slideshows and greeting cards. When you need to, you can have the photo well show only your creations (slideshows, photo albums, cards, and so on). Of course, the entire creation won't be displayed in the photo well (most of them contain multiple pages), but the first page of each one will appear as its thumbnail. You can also search for items (regardless of media type) that have an audio caption attached to them. You might do this, for example, to review the images you've annotated with audio.


Choose Find, By Media Type


If you selected Audio from the By Media Type submenu in step 1, you might see a warning box telling you audio files (which are not normally displayed), will be displayed now. Click OK to continue. When you clear the search results, the audio files will no longer be included in the display unless you've changed your viewing options as explained in the margin note.

In the Organizer, choose Find, By Media Type from the menu. From the submenu that appears, select the type of item you want to display: Photos, Video, Audio, Creations, or Items with Audio Captions.


View the Result

Here, I selected Video from the By Media Type submenu. The photo well displays only the movie files in my catalog. Notice the small movie icon in the upper-right corner of each thumbnail, which tells me that these are movie files. Notice also that the Find bar displays the words, Find: Video, which let you know that only video files are currently displayed.


To redisplay all files, click the Back to All Photos button on the Find bar.

To play a particular video, double-click the thumbnail. See 22 View a Video for help.

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