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Chapter 14. Retouching Photos with Tools


110 About the Toolbox

111 About Tool Options

112 About Preset Manager

113 Select a Color to Work With

114 Select a Color Already in Your Image

115 Draw on a Photo with a Pencil

116 Paint an Area of a Photo with a Brush

117 Paint an Area of a Photo with the Airbrush

118 Fill an Area with a Pattern

119 Fill an Area with a Gradient

120 About Drawing Shapes

121 Add Thought Bubbles to a Photo

Sometimes you might have to repair a damaged photograph or reinvigorate one that is old and faded. But often you'll just want to retouch an image that is not too bad but still could be better.

The Photoshop Elements Editor has several tools you can apply to retouch an image. Naturally enough, you'll find many of them on the Toolbox: brushes, pens and pencils, and the means to add patterns, shapes, and gradients to your images. The Toolbox is divided into sections; most of the retouching tools are in the fourth section from the top. In this group, you'll find the Pencil, Eraser, and Brush tools, the Paint Bucket, the Gradient tool, and shape tools. Several other tools can be used for retouching as well.

Each tool comes with an assortment of options. For example, if you want to use a brush, you can select from an assortment of brush sizes and stroke patterns. You make adjustments to the tool you're using in the Options bar displayed near the top of the screen.


Locations of the Toolbox, Options bar, and palettes are described in 43 About the Editor.

Separate palettes and dialog boxes expand the options. For example, if you want to apply a particular color, you can select it from a Color Picker, from a palette of color swatches, or from an existing illustration.

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