Reviewing and Editing Your Plans

If you've set up plans, such as a retirement plan or debt reduction plan, you can conveniently manage all these plans on the Planning tab in the Financial Overview center. You can review your plans, make changes to them, and explore the what-if scenarios to determine whether they are still working for you over time. In addition, you can update assumptions on the Planning tab.

Review and Edit Your Plans

If you're not already on the Planning tab, choose Planning, Go to Planning Center.

To review or update one of your plans, click a link to open the appropriate planner.

To review or update your assumptions, click Change Assumptions.

To play with different scenarios to see how they affect your plans, click Explore What If's.

You can also access any of your plans in the Saved Plans section.

To review or update your budget, click Budget.

To see how your plans are doing, scroll down to the Event Status and Monthly Savings Targets sections. Then click any of the links to open the plan and make changes, if needed.

Getting Professional Financial Advice

Finding a trustworthy financial service can be risky and somewhat intimidating. The Professional Planning Resources guide provides sound financial advice, translations of financial jargon, and information on how to find help, where to look, what questions to ask, and much more. In addition, you can use it to create a financial planner to take to an advisor or keep for your records. Whether the information you seek is for your retirement, savings, or taxes, or if you're pondering the idea of starting your own business, the Professional Planning Resources guide can steer you in the right direction. To access this resource, from the Planning menu, select Professional Planning Resources or from the Tools section of the Planning tab, click Professional Planning.

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Quicken 2007 On Demand
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