Recording Scheduled Transactions in Your Account Register

When you set up your accounts and tell Quicken about any regularly scheduled transactions for your accounts, Quicken creates a scheduled transactions list for you. The scheduled transactions for your all your accounts appear on the Scheduled Bills & Deposits tab in each of your account registers. They also appear on the Scheduled Bills & Deposits section in the Cash Flow Center, the Quicken Home page, and on the master list in the Bills & Deposits window. You can record transactions from any of these locations. The following task shows you how to record scheduled transactions from an account register.

Record Scheduled Transactions in Your Account Register

On the account bar, select the account to which you want to record scheduled transactions.

If it's not already visible, click the Scheduled Bills & Deposits tab. The number in parentheses represents the number of transactions waiting to be added to your register.

If you pay this bill online through a website, ensure that you are connected to the Internet, and click the Go link to open the website. After you're finished, you can return to Quicken and enter the transaction in your register.

To add a scheduled transaction to your register, click Enter.

For Your Information

You can edit transaction information for all future instances of this transaction by selecting it from the Scheduled Bills & Deposits tab and clicking Edit. Then from the Edit Future Transactions window, make your changes and click OK.

Review the information to ensure that it is correct and make changes, if needed. Any changes you make here do not apply to all future transactionsonly to the current transaction.

To add the transaction to your register, click Enter Transaction.

If you are not ready to enter the transaction in your register, click Cancel to take no action on the transaction and return to the scheduled transaction list. The transaction remains in the scheduled transaction list until you are ready to record it or skip it.

If the transaction does not apply for this transaction period, click Skip to remove the transaction from your scheduled transactions for the current period. It will reappear the next time it is scheduled to show up.

To view the average amount spent for a transaction, select the transaction and click the Report icon. You can view a complete report by clicking the Show Report button.

To close the pop-up window, click Close.

You can also use the Report drop-down menu to view other information about the selected transaction and the categories associated with it.

Enter all scheduled transactions until you are finished. Transactions you record are entered into your register, and your balance is adjusted accordingly.

Did You Know?

Unscheduled transactions appear under the Schedule These? section. If there are transactions that have not been scheduled, Quicken creates a temporary section on the Scheduled Bills & Deposits tab called Schedule These? (not shown here). You click Yes to schedule a transaction or No to leave it unscheduled. This does not remove it from your scheduled transactions. If there are no unscheduled transactions, you do not see this section.

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