Chapter 9: Creating a New Database

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To create a new database by using the Database wizard

  1. If the New File task pane is not displayed, open it by clicking the New buttonon the toolbar.

  2. In the  Templates area of the task pane, click On my computer , and then click the Databases tab to display the available templates.

  3. Double-click the template you want to use.

  4. Follow the steps of the Database Wizard , and click Finish to complete the process.


To edit the property settings of a table

  1. Display the table in Design view.

  2. Click in the Data Type cell of the field you want to edit, click the down arrow,and then click the Data Type you want to set for the field.

  3. In the Field Properties area, click the General or the Lookup tab, click the property you want to edit, and enter the property, or select the property from the drop-down list of options.


To hide a column

  • Click in the column, and then on the Format menu, click Hide Columns .


To freeze columns

  • With the columns selected, on the Format menu, click Freeze Columns .

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