Creating and Sending Instant Messages

You can communicate with your contacts in real time with instant messages . Instant messaging is a private online chat method. After you establish a connection with someone who is online and using instant messaging, messages you send to that person appear on his or her screen instantly. Likewise, you see responses from that person instantly on your screen. Instant messaging is especially useful for brief exchanges and can be much more immediate than e-mail. By default, Outlook supports instant messaging using Microsoft MSN Messenger Service or Microsoft Exchange Instant Messaging Service. When Outlook starts, you are automatically logged on to the service you installed.

Before you can use instant messaging, you must obtain the instant messaging addresses of the people you want to communicate with, and add those addresses to the Outlook Contact forms of those people. Then they have to tell their instant messaging programs to accept messages from your address.

After this setup work is done, when you log on to your instant messaging service, you can see whether a contact is online. A contact s online status is displayed in the InfoBar on the Contact form and on any e-mail address associated with the contact. You can choose how your status appears to others. For example, if you need to step away from your desk, you can set your status to Be Right Back so that any contacts who are online can see that you are temporarily unavailable.


For this exercise, you will need the assistance of a co-worker or friend who is using MSN Messenger or Exchange Instant Messaging Service. You must have already added that person to your MSN Messenger contacts, and that person must have accepted your request to add him or her. For help with any of these tasks , refer to the MSN Messenger online Help.

In this exercise, you will create and send instant messages.

BE SURE TO have the person to whom you want to send an instant message log on to their IM account before beginning this exercise.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options .

  2. In the Options dialog box, click the Other tab.

  3. Under Person Names , select Enable the Person Names Smart Tag check box, and then select the Display Messenger Status in the From field check box.

    click to expand
  4. Click OK .


    When smart tags appear next to your contacts names in messages, the smart tags indicate their Online status.

  5. In the Navigation Pane, click the Contacts icon.

    The contents of the Contacts folder are displayed.

  6. If you already have a contact entry for the person who is assisting you with this exercise, double-click that entry. If you do not have a contact entry for that person, click the New Contact button.

    The Contact form opens.

  7. If you are creating a new contact, in the Full Name box, type the person s name.

  8. Click in the IM address box, and type the e-mail address the person uses for instant messaging.

    Note that this address might not be the same address used for e-mail correspondence. You ll need to get this information from the person you want to contact using instant messaging.

  9. Click the Save and Close button.

    The contact information is saved.

  10. In a message window or the Reading Pane, click the contact s Person Names Smart Tag next to their name on the From , To or CC line, and then on the shortcut menu click Send Instant Message .

    The Instant Message window appears.

  11. In the message box, type Hello , and click the Send button.

    The message is sent. It appears in an Instant Message window on your contact s screen. The status bar indicates when your contact is typing a message. Wait for a reply, and when you receive it, try sending a few more messages.

CLOSE the instant messaging window.

BE SURE TO return Outlook to its default state. Turn AutoPreview off and turn the Reading Pane on, at the right side of the window. Then close the SBS Working data file.

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