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facilities (syslog) 
fake shutdowns 
Farmer, Dan  2nd  3rd 
Fast File System (FFS) 
    soft updates  2nd 
fastpaths in SMIT (AIX) 
fax2ps command 
faxaddmodem command 
faxadduser command 
faxalter command 
faxcron command 
faxdeluser command 
faxes  [See HylaFAX]
faxgetty daemon 
faxinfo command 
faxqclean command 
faxrm command 
FAXSERVER environment variable 
faxsetup command 
faxstat command 
fbackup command (HP-UX) 
fdformat command (Solaris) 
fdisk command
FEATURE macros 
    summary table 
fetchmail package  2nd  3rd 
    configuration file 
    syslog and 
.fetchmailrc configuration file 
fiber optic cable  2nd 
file command 
file locking bit 
files  [See also configuration files]2nd 
    accounting  2nd 
    backing up 
    boot scripts 
    checksums, computing 
    commands, relation to 
    deleting unusual 
    DHCP leases 
    group owner 
    identifying types 
    log  2nd  3rd 
    modes  2nd  3rd  4th 
    monitoring log 
    named pipes 
    password  2nd 
    protection  2nd  3rd 
    rotating log 
    shadow password 
    skeleton initialization 
    special  2nd 
    static routes  2nd  3rd 
    symbolic links 
    systemwide login initialization 
    user account initialization 
    user owner 
filesystem paging 
    backing up system  2nd  3rd 
    backups of 
    configuration file 
    default types  2nd 
    expanding  2nd  3rd  4th 
    exporting  2nd 
    ext3 (Linux) 
    fragmentation of 
    history  2nd  3rd  4th 
    integrity  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th 
    managing space in 
    managing usage levels 
    memory data cache 
    mounting and dismounting  2nd  3rd  4th 
    mounting remote  2nd 
    NFS options 
    open files and 
    options  2nd 
    partitions and 
    preparing during boot 
    /proc  2nd 
    quotas  2nd 
    Reiser (Linux) 
    root  2nd 
    Samba and 
filters, printing 
find command 
    locating wasted disk space with 
    setuid/setgid files, locating 
    packet filtering and 
fixit floppy (FreeBSD) 
floppy disks  2nd  3rd  4th 
    DOS format 
    special files 
flow control 
Fontmap configuration file 
    overview of 
    printing support 
forced password changes 
forced perfect termination 
foreground processes 
fork and exec 
formail utility  2nd 
format command (Solaris)  2nd 
.forward files 
    procmail and 
    protection requirements 
forward-only name servers, DNS 
forwarders, DNS  2nd 
forwarding, mail 
    to files 
    to programs 
    shells and 
4 mm digital audio tape (DAT) 
frecover command (HP-UX)  2nd 
free command (Linux) 
    /etc/periodic/security directory 
    adding disks 
    boot loader 
    buffer cache 
    classes  2nd 
    cron enhancements 
    DHCP  2nd 
    Dynamic DNS updates 
    filesystem types 
    fixit floppy 
    floppy disk 
    kernel location 
    kernel parameters, tuning  2nd 
    kernel, building 
    LDAP support 
    logical volume manager 
    LPD spooling system 
    memory, as data cache 
    mirrored volumes 
    modules, kernel 
    network interface names 
    newsyslog facility 
    package management 
    PAM modules 
    password controls  2nd  3rd 
    password triviality checking 
    periodic package  2nd 
    RAID 5 volumes 
    security facilities 
    smbfs filesystem 
    software archives 
    source code directory 
    static routes 
    striped volumes 
    syslog enhancements 
    TCP/IP parameters 
    tuning tools 
    USB devices  2nd  3rd 
    user account controls 
    user-private groups 
    /usr/share/skel directory 
    Vinum Volume Manager 
    virtual memory manager  2nd 
FreeBSD commands
    chpass  2nd  3rd  4th 
    disklabel  2nd 
    pstat  2nd 
    sysctl  2nd  3rd  4th 
    usbdevs  2nd 
    user account  2nd  3rd 
    vinum  2nd  3rd  4th 
FreeBSD configuration files
    /etc/gettytab  2nd 
    /etc/login.conf  2nd 
    /etc/master.passwd  2nd  3rd 
    network interface 
from command 
fsck command  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th 
    /etc/fstab and 
    security uses 
fsdb utility 
fstat command (FreeBSD) 
full backups 
funniest UNIX book I've read 
fuser command 
fverify command (Tru64) 

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