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g(roup) access  2nd 
Ganger, Gregory 
Gant, Brandon 
gated daemon 
gateways  2nd  3rd 
gcc compiler 
GECOS password file field 
    passwords and 
Gélinas, Jacques 
$GENERATE directive, DNS 
generic top-level domains 
generics_entire_domain sendmail feature 
genericstable sendmail feature 
getacl command (Tru64) 
getdev command (Solaris) 
getent command 
getfacl command
getty daemons  2nd 
    mgetty (Linux) 
gfontview command 
Ghostscript facility 
    font naming requirements 
    Fontmap configuration file 
GID  2nd  3rd 
    0  2nd 
    effective  2nd 
gimp graphics editing package 
glue records, DNS 
gnopm command (Linux) 
GNU emacs 
GnuPG (Gnu Privacy Guard)  2nd 
good passwords  2nd 
gpasswd command (Linux) 
gpg command  2nd 
gq command 
Grand Unified Bootloader  [See grub boot loader]
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 
grep command 
grepmail package 
groff package (GNU) 
group ID  [See GID]
group sets 
    ACLs and (AIX) 
groupadd command 
groupmod command 
    administrators  2nd  3rd 
    disk quotas for 
    dynamic membership 
    effective use 
    /etc/group file 
    file ownership and 
    GID 0 
    maximum per user 
    members of  2nd 
    shadow file (Linux)  2nd 
    user-private  2nd 
groups command 
growfs command (FreeBSD) 
grpck command (AIX) 
grub boot loader  2nd 
    Windows 2000 
grub-install command 
GUI administration tools 
Guttman, Uri 
gv command 

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