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Adobe Photoshop Unmasked: The Art and Science of Selections, Layers, and Paths
By Nigel French
Publisher: Adobe Press
Pub Date: October 26, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-44120-6
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-44120-1
Pages: 264

Table of Contents  | Index

        Chapter 1.  Selections
      Defining Our Terms
      Using the Selection Tools
      Refining Selections
      Selecting with the Pen Tool
      The Pen Tools
      Drawing with the Pen Tool
      Using the Paths Palette
      In Summary
        Chapter 2.  Channels
      About Channels
      Using the Channels Palette
      Using Quick Mask to Paint Selections
      Masking Tips
      Fine-Tuning Color Selections
      Selectively Editing with Channels
      Creating a Duotone
      Using Spot Color Channels
      In Summary
        Chapter 3.  Layers
      About the Layers Palette
      Managing Layers
      Working with Layer Styles
      The Land of Happy Accidents: Layer Blending Modes and Opacity
      Experimenting with Multiple Compositions Using Layer Comps
      Nondestructive Editing with Smart Objects
      Useful Layer Techniques
      In Summary
        Chapter 4.  Layer Masks
      Layer Mask Essentials
      Creating a Simple Composite
      Combining Textures
      Choking a Mask
      Looking Through (and Breaking Out of) the Top Layer
      Blending Shape and Texture
      Blending Different Exposures
      Replacing Parts of an Image
      Creating Painterly Effects
      Selective Filtering
      Adding Custom Borders
      Creating Panoramas
      Isolating a Subject with a Cutout
      Combining Soft and Sharp Selection Edges
      Making a "Pop-Out"
      Vector Masking Sharp Edges and Curves
      Masking with Transparency
      In Summary
        Chapter 5.  Adjustment Layers
      Adjustment Layers: Reasons to Be Cheerful
      ...and a Couple of Caveats
      Things to Know About Adjustment Layers
      Using Curves to "Select" Tone and Color
      Balancing Exposure
      Removing a Color Cast
      Applying Curves to Adjustment Layer Masks
      Selecting and Shifting Color with Hue/Saturation
      Boosting Color
      Colorizing Images
      In Summary
        Chapter 6.  Channel Masking
      Creating a Channel Mask: The Basics
      Creating a Channel Mask: The (Practical) Details
      Refining the Mask
      Extracting Subjects
      In Summary

Adobe PhotoShop Unmasked. The Art and Science of Selections, Layers, and Paths
Adobe Photoshop Unmasked: The Art and Science of Selections, Layers, and Paths
ISBN: 0321441206
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 93
Authors: Nigel French

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