Key New Management Features


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Server-Generated Alerts

The agent on each targeted host monitors the status, health, and performance of all targets on that host. If the target goes down, or if a performance metric crosses a warning or critical threshold, an alert is generated and sent to the OEM Console (which may be on the administrator's desktop, laptop, and/or PDA) and is e-mailed to any administrators who have registered interest in receiving such notifications.

Key New Management Features

Several new management features are introduced in OEM 10g:

image Provisioning

image Job Scheduler


This section addresses two different kinds of provisioning associated with OEM: hardware provisioning and software provisioning.

Hardware Provisioning

OEM simplifies the management of your entire enterprise by providing a centralized view of the health of your hosts. This view summarizes key performance metrics to allow administrators to quickly assess the health of the host. OEM provides detailed system configuration information covering hardware components, applications, and the underlying operating system. Also, it can dynamically provision resources on-the- fly, based on policies defined in the database.

Software Provisioning

Because of the potentially large number of physical nodes, it's especially important in a grid environment to ensure that installation and configuration of the software running on those nodes is fast and requires no human intervention. Manually installing software on hundreds or thousands of nodes would be time consuming and cumbersome. Administrators would certainly find ways to work around a manual installation, but the workarounds could lead to unsupportable upgrade situations and lost information about the configuration of the system. With Grid Control, Oracle 10g


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