Introducing the Revamped OEM Home Page


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When you see a comment like ''OEM can manage thousands of systems with ease," don't you really want to see the white paper that describes the test case and gives you a clue about which bits of what software were actually exercised, and how often? Oracle Corporation has produced some very informative white papers of this type (e.g., Data Guard), and should be encouraged to do more.

Introducing the Revamped OEM Home Page

One of the finest improvements of OEM Console is its capability to show consolidated target information in the home page. This is particularly useful when you want to quickly check the health of your database system, at a glance. The following two sections look at OEM Home Page features in a bit more detail.

Consolidated Management with Target Home Pages

Each managed target has a "home page." The home page provides you with a view of the current state of the database by displaying a series of metrics that portray the overall health of the database. Summary metrics are displayed on the home page. If you find a metric of interest, you can bring up a comprehensive set of performance and health metrics via drill-down menus. Thus, the home page helps the DBA to quickly isolate and diagnose the root cause of problems facing the target. In addition, target home pages provide DBAs with direct access to configuration information as well as quick access to administrative functions. The target home page feature also promotes a consistent look and feel, irrespective of the type of target being monitored and managed.

Here is the basic information that you can view on the home page:

image General status information

image CPU information

image Availability

image Space usage

image Advice/advice from ADDM (new feature in Oracle Database 10g)

image Job information

image Alerts

Figures 9-4 and 9-5 provide an example of the database home page. Note that OEM is deployed with the Database Control option in this case.


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