Oracle Database 10g Real Application Clusters


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Oracle Database 10g Real Application Clusters

Oracle9i Database introduced Real Application Clusters (RAC), which was a successor to Oracle Parallel Server. Oracle Database 10g offers several RAC-related improvements, including:

image Portable Clusterware

image Rolling upgrades

image Cluster Ready Services

image Enhancements to the Database Configuration Assistant and the Database Upgrade Assistant

image Enhanced recovery parallelism on multiple CPU systems

image A new parameter, gcs_server_processes

Portable Clusterware

First introduced on limited platforms in Oracle9i Database, Portable Clusterware is now available on most Oracle Database 10g platforms. Clusterware provides clustering services for the Oracle Database 10g RAC configuration. Prior to Oracle Database 10g, most RAC configurations required that third-party clusterware software be purchased and installed. Now, in Oracle Database 10g, Oracle offers clusterware that runs on all platforms, eliminating the need for vendor-offered clusterware. Oracle's Portable Clusterware offers a number of features:

image Infiniband high-speed network support

image Simplified client installs

image Simplified cluster installs

Rolling Upgrades

Oracle Database 10g provides for limited rolling upgrades for RAC clusters through the use of the opatch utility. These patches must be certified by Oracle to be used within a rolling upgrade scheme. There are a number of restrictions on what patches may be used as rolling upgrade patches, such as the fact that the patch cannot impact


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