Automatic Storage Management


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If you determine that you need to move the occupants out of the SYSAUX tablespace, then the MOVE_PROCEDURE column of the V$SYSAUX_OCCUPANTS view will indicate the procedure that you should use to move the related occupant from the SYSAUX tablespace to another tablespace. This can also be a method of "reorganizing" your component object tables, should that be required.

The loss of the SYSAUX tablespace is not fatal to your database. In our testing it appears that the only real impact is that certain functionality related to the occupants of the SYSAUX tablespace is lost.

Automatic Storage Management

Oracle Database 10g introduces Automatic Storage Management (ASM), a service that provides management of disk drives. ASM can be used on a variety of configurations, including Oracle9i Database RAC installations. ASM is an alternative to the use of raw or cooked file systems and is part of Oracle's overall desire to make management of the Oracle Database 10g easier, overall.

ASM Features

ASM offers a number of features, including:

image Simplified daily administration

image The performance of raw disk I/O for all ASM files

image Compatibility with any type of disk configuration, be it just a bunch of disks (JBOD) or complex Storage Area Network (SAN)

image Use of a specific file-naming convention to name files, enforcing an enterprise-wide file-naming convention

image Prevention of the accidental deletion of files, since there is no file system interface and ASM is solely responsible for file management

image Load balancing of data across all ASM managed disk drives, which helps improve performance by removing disk hot spots

image Dynamic load balancing of disks as usage patterns change and when additional disks are added or removed

image Ability to mirror data on different disks to provide fault tolerance


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