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SavePolicy method 
scope, COM+ roles 
secret data, isolated storage and 
secret key encryption  [See symmetric encryption]
    application design 
secure applications
    restricted resources 
    security testing 
    trust levels  2nd 
Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) 
SecureMethod attribute 
SecureMethod attribute (COM+) 
    cryptographic key pairs 
    need for 
    runtime security, application domains and 
    shared assemblies 
security demands
    CAS and 
    imperative security statements 
    principles of operation 
    stack walks 
        Assert operations 
        Deny operations 
        PermitOnly operations 
        reverting overrides 
Security log (ELS) 
security policy  [See policies]
    application domains and 
    CAS and 
    CLR, application domains 
    policy levels 
    policy resolution and 
security tester 
security testing, applications 
SecurityAction enumeration  2nd 
SecurityElement class 
SecurityEnabled property 
SecurityException, Assert operations and 
SecurityManager class
    programming considerations 
SecurityPermission class
SecurityPermissionAttribute class
    configuration properties 
SecurityPermissionFlag enumeration 
SecurityProTracker (COM+), populating application roles 
SecurityProTracker class 
SecurityRole attribute (COM+) 
SecurityRole attribute, properties 
seed data, symmetric encryption 
seed values, hashing algorithms 
Serializable attribute 
    custom membership condition classes 
    permission classes 
server applications, COM+ 
serviced components 
ServicedComponent class 
services, resource restrictions 
session keys, crytopgraphy 
session keys, encryption 
SetAppDomainPolicy method 
SetEveryoneAccess property 
SetThreadPrincipal method 
SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) 
SHA1CryptoServiceProvider algorithm 
shallow copies, collection objects 
shared assemblies 
sharing data, isolated storage and 
side-channel attacks 
Sign method 
signature formatter classes 
signature function
    digital signatures and 
    RSA protocol 
SignatureAlgorithm property 
Signcodex scheme 
SignData method 
signed documents, altering 
SignedXML class, XMLDSIG 
SignHash method 
signing authorities, delayed signing support for assemblies 
single-file assemblies 
    delayed signing and 
Site class 
Software Publisher's Certificate (SPC) 
software, resource restrictions 
SPC (Software Publisher's Certificate) 
stack frames 
stack walks 
    imperative security statements 
    overriding  2nd 
        Assert operations 
        Deny operations 
        PermitOnly operations 
standard evidence classes 
statement terminator (C#) 
statements, CAS
    declarative security 
    imperative security 
storage, isolated storage 
    directories, creating 
    isolated storage 
Strong Name tool 
strong names
        specifying key pair 
        version and culture data 
    delayed signing and 
    multi-file assemblies, creating 
strong-named assemblies, serviced components (COM+) 
StrongName class 
StrongNameMembershipCondition objects 
structs, namespace quick reference and 
structures, C#/Visual Basic syntax 
subversion resources, application domains 
symmetric algorithms
        cipher modes 
        Key and IV properties 
        KeySize and BlockSize properties 
    cryptographic keys and 
symmetric encryption  2nd 
    block padding 
    cipher modes 
    encrypted data, creating 
    initialization vector 
    key lengths 
    .NET Framework algorithms 
symmetric key exchange, cryptographic keys 
SymmetricAlgorithm class 
    encrypting and decrypting data 
    methods and properties 
system administrator (roles) 
system administrator, application deployment and 
System log (ELS) 
System.Security.Policy namespace, evidence classes 
System.String argument, Site class constructor 

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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