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random number generator, cryptographic key creation 
RandomNumberGenerator class 
RBS (role-based security)
        declarative statements 
        imperative demands 
        PrincipalPermission class 
    generic implementation 
    IIdentity interface  2nd 
    IPrincipal interface  2nd 
        CurrentPrincipal property 
        IPrincipal object 
        PrincipalPolicy enumeration 
    Windows implementation 
        impersonating Windows users 
        WindowsIdentity class 
        WindowsPrincipal class 
    Windows security comparison 
RC2 algorithm 
reading files, isolated storage 
references, XML documents, XMLDSIG signatures and 
RegistryPermission object 
Remove method, isolated storage 
RemoveFullTrustAssembly method 
RemoveNamedPermissionSet method 
reports, analysis 
RequestMinimum statement 
RequestOptional statement 
RequestRefuse statement 
requests permission, types 
requiring trust 
Resolve method, CodeGroup class 
ResolveMatchingCodeGroups method 
ResolvePolicy method 
ResolvePolicyGroup method 
restricted resources 
restricted resources, application domains
    external resources 
    functional resources 
    subversion resources 
    trust levels and 
Rijndael algorithm 
roaming-profiles, isolated storage and 
role-based permissions 
role-based security  2nd  [See RBS]
    trust levels and 
    business sponsor 
    RBS and 
    security tester 
    system administrator 
roles (COM+), scope 
RSA algorithm 
    decrypting data 
    encrypted data creation 
    encrypted data creation, data padding 
    key generation protocol 
    key length 
    keys, implementing 
    signature function 
RSA class
    properties and methods 
RSACryptoServiceProvider class 
    encrypting and decrypting data 
    keys, implementing 
    properties and methods 
RSAParameters structure 
RSAParameters structure members 
    custom runtime hosts 
    security, application domains and 
runtime security
    native code 
    unverifiable code 

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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