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David Freeman not only operates in the worlds of both games and film, but is a leading teacher in both media.

As this book is being written, David, along with his game design and writing consultancy The Freeman Group, is currently working as either a designer/writer or writer on three games for Vivendi Universal Games, three games for Activision, two games for Atari, two games for 3D Realms, and games for Electronic Arts, Ubi Soft, and others. Only a few of these games have been announced and thus can be named. They are Command and Conquer 3 (working title) for Electronic Arts, Van Helsing for Vivendi Universal Games, both Duke Nuken Forever and Prey for 3D Realms, Terminator: Redemption for Atari (the working title for their game that goes to and then beyond Judgment Day), dialogue for Mission Impossible: Operation Surma for Atari, and work on both Shark Slayer and Pitfall for Activision. David also contributed to the script for Atari's and Shiny Entertainment's Enter the Matrix. He has worked in the past on game projects for Microsoft and Midway Games. No doubt, by the time you're reading this, this list will be long out of date. For David's current activities, please see: www.freemangames.com

David also teaches "Beyond Structure," the most popular screenwriting and film/television development workshop in Los Angeles and New York (www.beyondstructure.com). The workshop usually draws over 150 people each time it's offered. It has been attended by top game designers and executives from Electronic Arts, Sony, Microsoft, Atari, Vivendi Universal Games, Activision, 3D Realms, Legend Entertainment, Shiny Entertainment, and many other game companies. Beyond Structure is occasionally offered in other cities around the world, such as London and Sydney.

David's past students also include the writers, directors, producers, and key creative executives behind the Lord of the Rings films, the Austin Powers films, Minority Report, Good Will Hunting, Runaway Bride, The Wedding Singer, The Simpsons, Law and Order, The Fugitive, Total Recall, E.R., The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rush Hour 1 and 2, Frequency, American History X, Mission Impossible 2, Pleasantville, Roswell, Everybody Loves Raymond, Star Trek: Voyager and Deep Space Nine, Sling Blade, 12 Monkeys, Thirteen Days, King of the Hill, The Education of Max Bickford, Once and Again, Angels in the Outfield, Married With Children, Saturday Night Live, and many other films and TV shows.

You can contact David via email at: david@freemangames.com

Creating Emotion in Games. The Craft and Art of Emotioneering
Creating Emotion in Games: The Craft and Art of Emotioneering
ISBN: 1592730078
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 394

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