This book answers the question, Do you need to learn C# or VB .NET to develop in .NET? You'll learn that the answer is in fact no, at least until you're good and ready. With Managed C++, your hard-earned skills as an established C++ developer or beginner won’t be wasted. Microsoft touts that .NET is language neutral and this book proves it, at least in the area of C++. Managed C++ and .NET Development is truly a .NET book applying C++ as its development language—not another C++ syntax book that happens to cover .NET.

There's no other book out there like this one. It's written for the C++ programmer who wants to write new .NET programs and not just migrate existing ones. To this end, author Stephen R.G. Fraser covers topics such as collections, multithreading, I/O, XML, ADO.NET, GDI+, Windows Forms (using the new GUI design tool introduced in VS .NET 2003), Web services, and Web Forms, focusing strictly on new code development.

About the Author

Stephen R.G. Fraser has over 15 years of IT experience working for a number of consulting companies, ranging from the large consulting firms of EDS and Andersen Consulting (Accenture), to a number of smaller e-business companies. His IT experience covers all aspects of application and web development and management, ranging from initial concept all the way through to deployment.

Managed C++ and. NET Development
Managed C++ and .NET Development: Visual Studio .NET 2003 Edition
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