Take Advantage of Software Tools to Control Instant Messaging Content

Only 40 percent of organizations surveyed by AMA, ePolicy Institute, and Clearswift use software to control employees’ e-mail content. More troubling is the fact that merely 19 percent of employers use software to monitor the internal e-mail communications that take place among employees. [4]

Management’s failure to check internal e-mail is a disaster in the making. Off-the-cuff, casual e-mail conversations among employees are exactly the type of messages that tend to trigger lawsuits, arm prosecutors with potentially damaging evidence, and provide the media with headline-making e-disaster stories.

The facts paint a disturbing picture of workplace electronic communications: Two-thirds of employees use IM for personal conversations during working hours; [5] 90 percent of employees send and receive personal e-mail at work; [6] 66 percent of companies lack a policy for deleting nonessential e-mail messages; [7] and 43 percent of regulated businesses have no e-mail retention policy in place. [8]


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