Editing Content while Using Scripts

You might sometimes notice that a script "loses track" of a Segment you were using. You try to fire off a routine to play that Segment and you get silence or an older version of the Segment plays. This is most frequently caused by editing a Segment after setting up your script. In order to allow for script routine auditioning within DirectMusic Producer, the script is actually "running" even as you edit it. But when you edit a piece of music that the script was using, DirectMusic Producer has a tough choice — the script could update with each edit to the Segments (which might cause a significant slowdown to edits if the Segment and/or script were large) or the script can just accept that it might get out of sync, at which point the content creator can force a refresh. DirectMusic Producer opts for the latter. You can force the script to resynchronize with all of its source content by hitting the Refresh button above the list of routines. If that is not successful, you can save and reload your script by right-clicking on it, choosing Save, and then again right-clicking and choosing Revert to Saved.

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