Zooming Photos

It can be helpful to zoom in and out while editing, particularly when using the Retouch tool or clicking eyes for red-eye reduction.

To zoom in the display pane:

  • With an image showing in the display pane in edit mode, drag the size slider to the right to zoom in (Figure 4.10). To zoom out, drag the slider to the left (Figure 4.11).

Figure 4.10. To zoom in on a photo, drag the size slider to the right. Here I've zoomed in most of the way.

Figure 4.11. To zoom back out, drag the slider to the left. Here I've zoomed back out to the size that matches the display pane's size.

To zoom in full screen mode:

  • Drag the size slider to the right to zoom in and to the left to zoom out. As soon as you zoom in, the Navigation panel appears to help you scroll around in the photo (Figure 4.12).

Figure 4.12. In full screen mode, use the size slider to zoom in and out, and navigate around with the tiny Navigation panel that appears (lower right).

To zoom in the image-editing window:

  • With the Size menu set to Fit to Window, drag the resize handle to resize the window and the photo. The window resizes proportionally. This approach limits zooming to the maximum and minimum window sizes.

  • Choose the desired zoom level from the Size menu.


  • If you select a portion of the photo before zooming, iPhoto zooms to the selected portion of the picture.

  • If your mouse or trackball has a scroll wheel, you can use it to scroll vertically within a zoomed photo, even in full screen mode. Press while moving the scroll wheel to scroll horizontally.

  • Unfortunately, the old shortcut of scrolling around in the image by -dragging is still missing in iPhoto 6.

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iPhoto 6 for Mac OS X
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