Contextual Menu Shortcuts

You can -click (or, if you have a two-button mouse, right-click) a photo in edit mode to bring up a contextual menu that lets you perform a number of actions without going to the display pane's editing tools or the separate window's toolbar (Figure 4.8 and Figure 4.9).

Figure 4.8. Control-click a photo in the display pane in edit mode or in full screen mode to display iPhoto's contextual menu shortcuts.

Figure 4.9. Control-click a photo when editing in a separate window to display a slightly different set of contextual menu shortcuts.

Contextual menu shortcuts:

  • Use Next and Previous to move to the next and previous photos in the album.

  • The Edit commands are useful for opening the current photo in full screen mode or a separate window, and for opening the photo in an external editor without changing iPhoto's preferences.

  • The Enhance, Red-Eye, Retouch, B & W, Sepia, Adjust, and Crop commands work just like their equivalent buttons.

  • The Rotate, Show Info, Duplicate, and Revert to Original commands are exactly the same as those in the Photos menu, so you can use whichever feels most comfortable.


  • The Edit commands aren't available in the contextual menu in full screen mode.

  • Oddly the B & W and Sepia commands, though they no longer exist as separate buttons outside the Effects panel, remain in the contextual menu.

  • Equally oddly, there's no Effects menu item for opening the Effects panel.

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