Sharing Photos on Disc with Windows Users

Alas, not everyone uses a Mac, and not even all Mac users use iPhoto, and for these people using an iPhoto disc is difficult, since they must sort through the iPhoto Library folder's directory structure to find the photos you've sent them (though the new iPhoto 6 structure is easier). Follow these steps instead.

To burn a disc for use by non-iPhoto users:


Insert a blank CD or DVD, choose Open Finder from the Action pop-up menu (Figure 8.21), and then give your disc a name like any other volume.

Figure 8.21. Choose Open Finder from the Action pop-up menu after you insert the blank disc.


In iPhoto, select a group of photos you want to burn and export them to the just-inserted disc (see "Exporting Files," earlier in this chapter). If you wish, when saving the exported photos, click the New Folder button to create a new folder and store those photos in it.


Repeat step 2 until you've exported all the photos you wish to burn.


In the Finder, select the disc icon on the Desktop or in a Finder window's sidebar, choose Burn Disc from the File menu, and verify the disc name and burn speed before clicking Burn (Figure 8.22).

Figure 8.22. The Finder verifies the name and burn speed before burning.

The Finder proceeds to burn the disc (Figure 8.23).

Figure 8.23. You end up with a simple hierarchy of photos on the disc, easily usable in any computer and with any program.

Setting CD/DVD Actions

If the Finder doesn't ask how you wish to handle a blank disc when you insert it, open the CDs & DVDs preference pane in System Preferences and set the Insert a Blank CD/DVD pop-up menus to Ask What to Do.

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