Sharing Photos via iPhoto Sharing

iPhoto enables you to share all your photos (but not movies!), or just individual albums, with other iPhoto users on your network. iPhoto sharing is easy to turn on and use.

To share photos among Macs:


From the iPhoto menu, choose Preferences () and click the Sharing tab.

iPhoto displays the Sharing preferences (Figure 8.4).

Figure 8.4. Turn on photo sharing in the Sharing pane of iPhoto's Preferences window.


Select Share My Photos, and then select either Share Entire Library or Share Selected Albums.


If you selected Share Selected Albums, select the albums you want to share in the list below (Figure 8.5).

Figure 8.5. You can restrict shared photos to specific albums, and you can require that users enter a password to access your shared photos.


In the Shared Name field, enter a name for the shared folder under which your photos will appear for other users on your Mac and network.


If you want to restrict access to your shared photos, enter a password in the Require Password field. You'll then have to give that password to approved users (Figure 8.5).


Close the Preferences window.


  • Amazingly, iPhoto cannot share movies you take with your camera via network sharing. They simply don't show up.

  • iPhoto sharing also works between users of the same Mac, when both are logged in via Fast User Switching.

  • iPhoto automatically selects the Require Password checkbox when you type the password for the first time.

Turning Off Sharing

To turn off photo sharing, simply deselect the Share My Photos checkbox in the Sharing pane of iPhoto's Preferences window. If anyone is currently connected to your photos, iPhoto asks if you're sure you want to turn off photo sharing first.

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