Publishing .Mac Slides

Using the .Mac Slides Publisher feature of .Mac along with iPhoto, .Mac members can easily upload a set of photos that anyone with a Mac running Mac OS X 10.2 or later can use as a screen saver.

To publish photos as .Mac Slides:


Select the photos you want to publish, and click the .Mac Slides button or choose .Mac Slides from the Share menu.

iPhoto displays a confirmation dialog (Figure 5.35).

Figure 5.35. iPhoto checks to make sure you realize that publishing photos as .Mac Slides replaces the previous set of .Mac Slides.


Click the Publish button.

iPhoto compresses and shrinks the size of the photos to reduce transfer time and uploads the photos to your iDisk (Figure 5.36).

Figure 5.36. iPhoto provides a visual progress dialog as it uploads your photos as .Mac Slides.

When it's done, a confirmation dialog appears (Figure 5.37).

Figure 5.37. Once iPhoto finishes uploading your .Mac Slides photos to your iDisk, it lets you announce the slideshow via email to your friends and relatives.


Click the Announce Slideshow button.

In your default email program, iPhoto creates a message with instructions you can send to the people who might want to subscribe to your .Mac Slides.


  • You can move the .Mac Slides upload progress dialog out of the way and keep working while iPhoto uploads in the background.

  • You can find the .Mac Slides in your iDisk in Pictures/Slide Shows/Public.

  • It appears that you can select as many photos to upload as .Mac Slides as you want, subject to the amount of free disk space available on your iDisk.

  • You can store only one set of .Mac Slides at a timeevery time you click the .Mac Slides button, the selected photos replace the previous set.

Make a .Mac Slides Album

If you want to add to your set of .Mac Slides rather than overwriting the previous set, create a .Mac Slides album, add photos to it whenever you wish, and after each addition, publish the entire album.

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