Selecting Default Settings

Although you can change the settings for each slide in a saved slideshow, you can save effort by ensuring that your defaults are set the way you want to start. Click the Settings button to bring up the settings dialog, which looks much like the Slideshow dialog used for basic slideshows (Figure 5.7).

Figure 5.7. Click the Settings button for a saved slideshow to set defaults.

To adjust default settings:


Set the length of time you want each slide to play in the Play Each Slide For field.


Choose a default transition, and set the transition speed and direction, if available, by clicking the appropriate arrow in the round direction controller. iPhoto offers numerous transitions (Figure 5.8).

Figure 5.8. iPhoto provides a wide variety of transitions, but I recommend using relatively few per slideshow to avoid visual over-stimulation.


Select the desired checkboxes for additional display options.


Decide whether you want to repeat the selected music during the slideshow or if you want iPhoto to adjust the length of the slideshow to fit the music.


Choose the screen format (Current Display, 4:3 for iDVD and TV, or 16:9 Widescreen) from the Slideshow Format pop-up menu.


Click OK when you're done.


  • Select Scale Photos to Fill Screen to display only the center of portrait-orientation photos and eliminate the black bands on the sides.

  • Checking the Show Slideshow Controls and Show My Ratings checkboxes isn't necessary, since you can display the slideshow controls, which include the rating, just by moving the pointer during the slideshow.

Music for Saved Slideshows

To select music for playing during saved slideshows, follow the instructions given a few pages earlier in "Assigning Music to Slideshows."

Since a saved slideshow is likely to be longer and more carefully arranged than a basic slideshow, you may wish to put the effort into creating a playlist in iTunes for it.

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