Manipulating Slideshow Photos

Whereas basic slideshows merely present the selected photos in the current sort order, saved slideshows give you more control. Use these instructions to add, remove, and rearrange photos in saved slideshows.

To add photos to a slideshow:

  • Select one or more photos or albums, and drag them to the saved slideshow in the Source pane (Figure 5.6).

    Figure 5.6. Drag photos to a saved slideshow in the Source pane to add them to the slideshow.

To remove photos from a slideshow:

  • Select one or more photos in the scrolling list of photos above the display pane, and press .

To rearrange photos in a slideshow:

  • Before you create the slideshow, drag the photos into the order you want in an album. iPhoto retains that manual sort order in the saved slideshow.

  • After you've created a slideshow, drag photos around in the scrolling photo list above the display pane.


  • Pay attention to the sort order of the album from which you create a slideshow. There's no shame in deleting a saved slideshow and recreating it after sorting the source album properly.

  • In particular, if you're sorting by date in any way, note that you'll probably want to choose Ascending from the View menu's Sort Photos submenu to ensure that your slideshow moves forward in time, rather than backward.

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