Copying, Moving, and Deleting Pages

The Web Author console provides options for copying, moving, and deleting pages. To copy or move a page into a different location on your Web site, you need to have the appropriate authoring rights on the source and destination channel. To delete a published page, you need to have authoring rights on the channel that contains the page. To delete a saved page that hasn't been published, either you need to be the page owner the user who originally saved the page or you need to have the appropriate administrative rights on the channel that contains the page.

To copy or move a page, switch to Edit mode and navigate to the page; then select either the Copy or the Move option in the console. The Select Destination Channel dialog appears, as shown for page copying in Figure 5-43. The dialog displays the channel hierarchy; you need to navigate to the channel you want the page to be copied or move into, and click OK. After you've selected the destination channel, the page is copied or moved and is displayed in the browser in its new destination in Edit mode. In order to be published, the copied or moved page needs to be approved by the editor or the moderator; the approval process is the subject of the next chapter.

Figure 5-43. Select channel dialog


NOTE: The status of a newly copied page is Saved. The status of a moved page depends on whether the original page has already been published. If it hasn't, the status of the moved page is Saved. If you are moving a published page, the status of the moved page is WaitingforModeratorApproval.

To delete the page, switch to Edit mode, navigate to the page, and select the Delete option from the Web Author console. A warning message is displayed, as shown in Figure 5-44; click OK to continue with the page deletion. You cannot restore a page deleted using the Web Author.

Figure 5-44. Page deletion warning


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