Performing Post-Upgrade Tasks

After you have upgraded your SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Web site, you should complete a number of post-upgrade tasks as described in this section. You'll likely think of other ones to add to this list.

  • Verify that all Web front-end servers render the upgraded sites successfully.

  • Perform a full crawl of any content you want to index.

  • Re-create search scopes.

  • For gradual upgrades, configure the profile, user profiles, and audiences.

  • Install any IFilters, word breakers, and thesaurus files you required.

  • Configure SharePoint Portal Server 2003 so that it does not crawl the same content as SharePoint Server 2007.

  • Manually reconfigure all search settings in the new environment.

  • Configure incoming e-mail to reinstate any e-mail-enabled document libraries you had in SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or Windows SharePoint Services 2.0.

  • If you used the gradual or content migration upgrade approach, delete upgraded Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 Web sites.

  • Update your SQL Server operational procedures to include the new database, and remove those no longer in use. Shrink the transaction logs to reclaim disk space.

  • In the gradual and in-place upgrade approach, where you no longer require SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to run side by side with SharePoint Server 2007, perform the following tasks:


    Remove Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 language packs.


    Uninstall SharePoint Portal Server 2003.


    Uninstall MSDE if appropriate.


    Remove the Web sites from IIS, and delete the associated Web site files and any assemblies used by the SharePoint Portal Server 2003 implementation from the global assembly cache (GAC) for each Web front-end.


    Decommission index servers that are no longer in use. In SharePoint Server 2007, you need only one index per farm. When you upgrade, the indexes are stored on the job server and the configuration settings from other indexes in the farm are copied into the SSP database.


Along with Chapters 23, this chapter identified the extent of the task in front of you. Use the checklist at the end of Chapter 23 to review the major points. We cannot stress enough the importance of performing and testing your backup and restore procedures. It is strongly recommended that you read the SharePoint Server 2007 Installation Release Notes. Check the Office 2007 Web site frequently for the most current information on the upgrade process.

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