Key Monitoring Scenarios

The SharePoint Server 2007 Management Pack monitors a number of key areas. Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 operators should be aware of the most important events to be ready to respond to them quickly. Table 13-2 lists each of these key areas, the services within the areas that are monitored, and summarizes some of the most important events that could affect overall availability of the server farm or specific service availability.

Table 13-2: Key Monitoring Scenarios
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Key area

Elements monitored

Events to watch for

Business Applications

Business Data Catalog Web Service;

Web Services for Remote Portlets;

IView Web Parts

Runtime errors with the Business Data Catalog (BDC) or the BDC Web service could cause your line-of-business application integration and KPI indicators to fail.

Content Management and Publishing

Authoring Controls;


Content Deployment;

Document Conversion;

Content Management Server 2002 Migration;

Site Management

If the object or disk-based cache have issues, this can cause severe slowdowns, time-outs, or HTTP 404 errors.

Excel Services

Excel Calculation Services

If the Excel Calculation Service fails, or network connections fail between front-end Web servers and the server running Excel Calculation Services, users will not be able to use the Excel Services features.

InfoPath Forms Services


The most likely errors relating to InfoPath Forms Services are caused by poorly written business logic contained within InfoPath form templates, which can cause infinite loops and out-of-memory exceptions.


Crawling and Indexing;



Indexing will be stopped if the disk fills up, so check free disk space regularly. Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 will report if no disk space is available, and it also reports if index propagation fails or if search is configured incorrectly.

Single Sign-On Service


Watch for errors retrieving credentials; this can indicate that unauthorized users are attempting to access the system. Also look for problems with the Single Sign-On Service itself or auditing, both of which can prevent users from signing in.

User Profiles and Personalization


Errors in this group indicate problems with synchronizing User Profile properties, Audience Compilation errors, or problems in creating new My Sites.


Microsoft has announced that the next version of Microsoft Operations Manager is in development and is to be named System Center Operations Manager 2007. The name reflects the new alignment with the System Center family of products. At the time of writing of this book, the product was at the Beta 2 stage of development and available for trial from

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