Once again, this book was not just me; many people were involved:

To the team at Cisco Press: You have again shown me that you are all the best at what you do. Mary Beth, Chris, Patrick, Raina, and Johnthank you for your belief in me and my abilities; without you I would still be in my classroom, wondering why this book hasn't been written yet.

To my technical reviewers, Gerlinde, David, and Steve: Thank you for once again keeping me on the straight and narrow and not letting me drift off into the realm of the cloudy and confusing.

Finally, a big thank you goes to Hans Roth, a fellow Cisco Networking Academy instructor at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Hans once again helped me out immenselydiagramming my ideas, being the sounding board for my ideas, telling me what worked and what needed to be improved, and best of all, teaching me to juggle at various conferences around North America over the last two years to help reduce the stress of meeting writing deadlines. You are a true friend, Hans, and I can never repay what you have done for me.

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CCNA Portable Command Guide
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