Developing and Integrating Internet Communication Strategy

"Though this may be madness, yet there is method in it."

-Polonius in Hamlet,William Shakespeare

In this chapter, we will expand our discussion of Internet communication development to include the larger-picture issues found in a business unit or organization. The effective use of Internet communication includes addressing a variety of internal and external issues, which involve and affect people and businesses both inside and outside the organization developing the effort.

The first lab of this chapter will discuss four broad issues that affect almost any project but are especially prevalent in this new electronic communication medium. The remaining three labs will discuss topics that can be combined with the previous chapter, on planning and audience targeting, to create a basic but comprehensive strategic plan for Internet communications.

The three strategic components in this chapter involve business justification, internal assessment and strategy, and external assessment and strategy. The use of Web-based commerce usually requires the use of external vendors, which is also included in the discussion of external strategy.

Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
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