Beware of Optimization

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I know this sounds a little backward, but in some cases, optimizations can cause problems you may not anticipate. For instance, go to Publish Settings (CTRL-SHIFT-F12 or OPT-SHIFT-F12) and look under the Flash tab where it says "Optimize for Flash Player 6r65." This option is only available when publishing to version 6 of the player, but that might be often for a lot of you until Flash Player 7 is widely adopted.

Checking this box will optimize your SWF for version 6 of the player, making it both smaller and faster, but beware. If a person views your SWF after you've enabled this optimization, they will be required to have version 6r65 or higher of the Flash player. If they have an earlier release, they will be unable to see it properly. To be frank, I don't see the point of this optimization because it's so limited. To be Shane, I don't either. I'd say it's best to leave this unchecked, unless you're willing to be release-specific in your site requirements.


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