Section 10.6. Inserting Tables and Charts

10.6. Inserting Tables and Charts

When you need to present complex information or large amounts of data clearly, tables and charts can help you organize and present that information in an attractive and understandable way. Creation of tables and charts in Keynote works exactly the same as it does in Pages (see Chapter 5). When designing for Keynote, however, you usually want to design tables and charts that are relatively simple and uncluttered so that they come through clearly on the screen.

Keynote's tables and charts have one major benefit not available in Pages: you can build them gradually on the screen, disclosing a little bit of information at a time until you've revealed the entire table or chart. For example, a table could appear on the screen row-by-row, column-by-column or even cell-by- cell . Likewise, chart data can appear one data series at a time, one data set at a time, or by individual data points. See Section for details on creating table and chart builds.

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