Section 10.5. Inserting Shapes

10.5. Inserting Shapes

You can create simple geometric shapes, lines, and arrows in Keynote when you click the Shapes button in the toolbar and choose one from the pop-up menu. You can also insert shapes by choosing Insert and selecting a shape by name from the menu, or by Control-clicking (or right-clicking) the slide canvas, choosing Insert, and picking a shape from the pop-up menu. You can adjust these shapes' borders and fills, giving them colored, gradient, or image fills. And like all other objects, you can adjust their size , opacity, rotation, and so on.

Shapes can also hold textso that they serve as differently shaped text boxes. Double-click inside a shape and the blinking insertion point appears, ready for you to type or paste in text. For the full story on working with shapes, see Section 4.2.4.

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