Trimming Audio Clips

In Chapter 6, I covered trimming and showed you how to adjust video and image clips. You can apply the same principles to audio clips, meaning that trimming is simply the method you use to get rid of those elements you no longer need, such as a long musical intro, or perhaps even the lyrics from a song.

With clever trimming, you can even create a looping musical track that contains only instrumentals.

The Source Viewer is the natural place to preview and trim an audio clip because it is only a double-click away. But the steps outlined here work equally well in the Clip Viewer.

To trim with the Source Viewer


Double-click an audio clip to load it into the Source Viewer.


Turn on audio scrubbing by pressing the Scroll Lock key.


Scrub through the clip until you find the point where you want your clip to begin.


Press the I key to insert a new mark-in point.


Scrub through again until you find a suitable end point.


Press the O key to set the mark-out point.

To send to the Timeline

You can send audio clips directly to the Timeline by doing one of the following:

  • Press the insert arrow (for the keyboard shortcut, press B).

  • Drag the audio clips from the Source Viewer by holding down the Ctrl key and the left mouse button.


  • When sending an audio clip to the Timeline, you should be aware of which mode you are inOverwrite Style or Film Styleand also which tracks are mapped to receive your clip. You can find more details on both of these modes in Chapter 6.

To trim audio clips on the Timeline

  • To trim an audio clip directly on the Timeline, you follow the same procedure as when you are trimming a video clip. Simply grab the mark-in or mark-out point of the clip and drag it to its new position. See Chapter 6 for more details.


  • A clip cannot be dragged further than its own physical length.

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