Using Consolidate

Once you have created Subclips, you can copy them to another hard drive using the information created in the Subclips' mark-in and mark-out properties. This is useful when you need to save hard drive space or when you're looking to consolidate your media before you export a project. The processes of digitizing and importing into a project can create reams of unwanted footage that takes up valuable hard drive space. Liquid Edition uses the Consolidate Media Management function to try and reclaim some of this valuable space.


  • Consolidate only works with logged clips, not imported clips.

To use Consolidate


Once you have finished editing your Timeline, go to the Sequence Rack and right-click the name of the Sequence you want to consolidate.


When the Consolidate box appears, check the box marked Create new MASTER clip(s) in new Rack, then give the Rack a new name (Figure 14.21).

Figure 14.21. The Consolidate dialog.


Click the check mark and the process begins.

If you have many files or the original file is large, this process may take some time.


Once this process finishes, the new master clips appear in the Rack you specified in step 2.


  • Because these clips are independent of the original media, you can now delete those original clips. Remember to do it from within the Project Browser and not from inside windows. Then test your Timeline Sequence to see if it still works.

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