Using Condense

Condense is a similar feature to Consolidate, and it uses Subclips simply to create a better, more logical workflow. The major problem with Subclips is that the clips' mark-in and mark-out points remain the same as the original media. This can be distracting if you are using the Source Viewer to fine-tune these points or if you are dragging the clip out in the Timeline. This is because it's possible to skip past the Subclip's mark-out point and find yourself miles down the original clip.

To solve this, Condense allows you to place a block on each Subclip, effectively creating a mini-clip. However, the media actually never changes and can be returned to the original Subclip status at any time; this is something that isn't possible when you're using Consolidate.

To use Condense


Right-click those clips in the Project Browser you want to condense and select Condense from the menu.


Apply a handle length if you think you need one, and click the Create new MASTER clip(s) in new Rack option if you want these clips to be created in a new Rack (Figure 14.22).

Figure 14.22. The Condense dialog.


Click the check mark to begin the process.


  • To return the clip to its original state, right-click inside the Rack where the Condensed clip is, and select Expand to media.

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