Preparing the Timeline

DVD authoring is all about preparation. This is the sort of preparation you need to think about even before you place your first clip on the Timeline. Only so much material fits on a single-sided DVD, so you can forget the luxury of three-hour VHS tapes; in the world of DVD; you need to justify every scene you place on the Timeline.

Dual-layer DVDs are on the way, but most of you will use single-sided DVDs with this version of the software, so you need to be aware of how quickly the space is gobbled up.

How much material you can fit on a DVD depends on two things: the amount of motion in your clipshigher motion creates a higher data rate, which needs more storage areaand the actual data rate you use to burn the DVDthe higher the rate, the less room you have. Sacrificing quality for quantity might seem like a workable option, but be careful, lower data rates produce pixelizationvisible when there is fast movement on the screen. This makes your production look anything but professional.

On the other hand, a static interview doesn't benefit from a high data rate; by giving it one, you're simply wasting space you could use for something else. With these facts in mind, you need to limit the Timeline to the maximum you can fit on a DVD at an acceptable data rate.

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