Using the Preset Templates

If you don't want to spend time creating your own enhanced text, make sure you become familiar with Title Deko's presets. Title Deko comes with a full list of presets that you can either use as they are or adapt to fit your own needs.

The presets are displayed down the right side of the Title Deko interface. When you first scroll through them, many don't display right away; this is because their font type and enhancement must first load into the Windows memory cache. Once this completes, you can scroll down to see which one you need.

To apply a Title Deko preset


Highlight your text by dragging a lasso around it with the mouse (Figure 10.10).


Click the Browse Looks button or press Ctrl+L and select from the choices on display (Figure 10.34).

Figure 10.34. The Look Browser containing the Title Deko presets.


Apply the change by double-clicking the Font style or by single-clicking the style and clicking OK.


  • You can edit the Title Deko presets in the same way as I described in "Changing the font and point size" section earlier in this chapter.

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