Making a Title Move

Title Deko can also animate a title in one of two directions: the title can roll up the screen, or crawl across it. These features can be a bit limiting, and you might find that a well-placed Realtime filter is more practical (see Chapter 9 for more on filters). But if you want to quickly add movement to a title, the Title Deko interface offers a quick and tidy method of doing so.

To add movement to a title


Highlight your text by dragging a lasso around it with the mouse (Figure 10.10).


Select Roll or Crawl from the Movement drop-down menu (Figure 10.35).

Figure 10.35. Adding a basic animation to the title via the Movement menu.


  • You can't see movement in Title Deko. You must exit the editor and add the title to the Timeline before you can see it move.

  • In the Project Browser, titles with movements appear as either Picons with a white star in the corner or, in detail view, with a small arrow Picon next to the text.

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