Chapter 10. Speeding Up Data Display

In this chapter

10.1 Overview of the Sun Rise and Set Data Viewer

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10.2 Building the Non-AJAX Version of the Sun Rise and Set Viewer

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10.3 Problems with the Non-AJAX Viewer

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10.4 Improving Viewing with AJAX

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10.5 Summary

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A common Web development task is showing large data sets. To navigate through the dataset, the user is forced to reload the entire Web page, which makes data browsing a slow process. The example we will build in this chapter is a graph of the time the sun rises and sets for different cities. It will also include a table showing the data from which it's built; this data browsing is especially handicapped by the constant reload process. The actual graph generation is a slow process, and because it shows data for the entire year, it doesn't need to be updated as you look through the data month by month. In this chapter, I will show how you can use the AJAX technique of subpages to greatly speed up data browsing.

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