Section 9.2. Summary

9.2. Summary

HTML_AJAX provides easy communication between PHP server-side code and JavaScript code on the browser. This allows you to focus on building backend logic or a frontend user interface instead of worrying about the communication between them. HTML_AJAX also includes helper classes for both PHP and JavaScript that help simplify the AJAX development process. HTML_AJAX's main features include the following:

  • Easy movement of PHP data to JavaScript and vice versa

  • Export of PHP APs to JavaScript

  • A simple JavaScript API for making standard AJAX requests

  • The ability to perform basic DOM interactions without writing JavaScript

  • JavaScript Behaviors for tying JavaScript code to HTML without populating the HTML with extra markup

  • JavaScript helper methods for JavaScript debugging

  • PHP helper methods for generating JavaScript

In Chapters 1012, we will use the libraries shown in Chapters 8 and 9 in real-life cases. As we look at the use cases, will see some of the solutions that AJAX can provide to common Web development problems. We also will see how the choice of library affects the implementation of those solutions.

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