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WARNING: [name] service MUST be printable
WARNING: No path in service name - making it unavailable
WARNING: You have some share names that are longer than 12 characters
wbinfo command 2nd 3rd
Winbind 2nd
     basic options
     group nesting options
     idmap backed = ad
     idmap backed = ldap
     idmap backends
     idmap_rid plug-in
     local nested groups
     PAM interface
     PAM option
     pam_winbind options
winbind cache time option (Winbind)
winbind enum groups option (Winbind)
winbind enum groups parameter
winbind enum users option (Winbind)
winbind enum users parameter
Winbind NSS sources
winbind separator option (Winbind)
winbindd 2nd 3rd
     last step before starting
winbindd daemon 2nd
Windows 95/98/Me identify node type
Windows access masks
Windows ACL inheritance, enabling
Windows Add Printer Wizard (APW)
Windows client, joining
Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)
     Architecture and Capacity Planning
Windows NT 4.0
     domain controller
     migrating to Samba
Windows NT security model
Windows printers, sharing
Windows relative IDs (RIDs)
Windows security identifier (SID)
Windows Service Control API
Windows setup
     browse the Samba server
     computer and workgroup names
     connecting to Samba server
     creating local users on Windows clients
     networking components
Windows System Account Manager (SAM)
Windows XP identify node type, ipconfig /all command
Windows.ini files
     client and a server interaction
     proxy, configuring
wins (name resolve order)
wins hook (name-resolution configuration option)
wins hook global option
wins proxy (name-resolution configuration option)
wins proxy option (smb.conf file)
wins server (name-resolution configuration option)
wins server parameter
WINS servers
     configuring Samba to use another
     setting Samba as
wins support (name-resolution configuration option)
wins support parameter 2nd
wins.dat file
workgroup parameter (smb.conf file)
workgroups, defined
writable option (smb.conf file)
write ok option (smb.conf file)
writeable option (smb.conf file)

Using Samba
Using Samba: A File and Print Server for Linux, Unix & Mac OS X, 3rd Edition
ISBN: 0596007698
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 135

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