List of Tables

Chapter 1: C++ Basics

Table 1.1: Data Types
Table 1.2: Valid Variable Names
Table 1.3: Naming Conventions
Table 1.4: Operators

Chapter 2: Console Input and Output

Table 2.1: Escape Codes.

Chapter 3: Arrays, Strings, and Bitwise Operations

Table 3.1: Two Dimensional Array Elements
Table 3.2: Properties and Methods of the String Class
Table 3.3: String Functions
Table 3.4: Binary Numbers

Chapter 4: Functions

Table 4.1: C++ Functions
Table 4.2: Math Functions
Table 4.3: Time Functions Found in Ctime

Chapter 6: File Input and Output

Table 6.1: ifstream Methods and Properties
Table 6.2: ofstream Methods and Properties

Chapter 7: Exception Handling

Table 7.1: Categories of Errors

Chapter 8: User-Defined Data Types

Table 8.1: User-Defined Types

Chapter 10: Classes

Table 10.1: Access Modifiers

Chapter 11: Inheritance

Table 11.1: Access Modifiers

Chapter 13: Basic Data Structures and Algorithms

Table 13.1: The Algorithm Header File

Chapter 14: Build Your Own Game in C++

Table 14.1: The Functions and Variables of the Tic Tac Toe Game

Chapter 15: Introduction to Visual C++

Table 15.1: Visual C++ Project Types
Table 15.2: App Wizard Application Types
Table 15.3: Message Box Types
Table 15.4: Basic Windows Components
Table 15.5: Methods of the String Class
Table 15.6: Message Beep Constants
Table 15.7: Mouse Move Flags

Chapter 16: More Windows Applications with Visual C++

Table 16.1: Option Button Methods and Properties
Table 16.2: List Box Methods and Properties
Table 16.3: Combo Box Methods and Properties

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